Celebrating Carolin

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLIN! My, my, she has grown into a pretty young lady.

We met Carolin when she was barely a year old. We were next-door neighbours briefly in Moscow when we were staying in a service apartment B103 (while awaiting the refurbishment of our own apartment) and Carolin and her family moved into B104 one November.

Just as Kathrin and I became fast friends, so did our girls. We spent a lot of time together, indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to Kathrin who speaks Russian, she introduced us to little nooks and corners of Moscow that we otherwise wouldn’t have ventured on our own.

(L to R) Toured the Kuskovo Estate; admired Russian art at the Central House of Artists; watched a performance at The Manezh; got up close to a beluga whale at the Dolphinarium.

It was cold and there were lots of ducks to feed, Carolin did the job while Michelle lazed around, Michelle compensated later by playing Carolin some simple tunes.

Come rain or shine, the girls loved hanging out together…

Carolin and Michelle became friends of all seasons…

A friendship that survived the Year of the Pig into the Year of the Rat…

Our final moments together, it’s hard to say goodbye…

Till we meet again, dasvedanya, maya daraga 🙂


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