Bonnie and I

The Star, 27 June 1992

TWENTY YEARS AGO, I got my first job as a cadet reporter at The Star. In the same month, I got my first front page byline (27 June 1992), something every new reporter hopes to achieve.

It must have been an especially dry day for “The World, Our Oysters” story to slide its way into the front page; or perhaps there there were many dry throat arounds and the editors  simply picked me to provide the free drinks. The practice in the newsroom then was that whenever a newbie landed his/her first front page byline, he/she had to treat his/her colleagues to a round of drinks. I was told the standards have gone up now with food being thrown in.

Whatever the reason, the oysters story meant the world to me and made my day, as well as Bonnie’s, the only female photographer at The Star at that time. With that photo, she earned her first front page photo byline too.

Right, I ought to give her due credit, perhaps it was HER photo that helped get MY story onto the front page. Since then, we covered numerous assignments together. We were quite a team, Bonnie and Clyde, erm, I mean Bonnie and I 🙂

“Partners in crime”, Bonnie gets a picture with Anita Mui and I with Simon Yam (and many more)

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