December Deeds

CHARITY CAME TO mind recalling this date three years ago.

We had our year-end lunch at the Chinese Cuisine Training Center at Pokfulam, like the year before. It wasn’t just about friends getting together for a good meal, it was also for a good cause. During that luncheon, the group presented donations to charity organisations.


In the evening, I watched Michelle and her friends sing at Matilda Hospital. Her school participated in a Christmas Choir performance, along with a few other schools. It was a pretty chilly night, but the children sang their hearts out and enjoyed themselves. All in the name of charity.

(Top) Getting into an early Christmas mood and spreading some cheers with Christmas carols; (Bottom, L-R) With friends, and Santa… “all I want for Christmas is ….”; Wish granted!!! A McD fillet-o-fish and a beaming music teacher Mr Clothier.