For the Love of Taylor


TODAY IS TAYLOR Swift’s birthday. She’s 23. So my daughter tells me.

At Michelle’s age when she’s so wrapped in her own world, Taylor Swift is one topic that gets her attention, one she speaks of excitedly and ever willing to share, even with her old-fashioned and out-dated mom.

For about three years now, she speaks of TS, listens to TS, reads about TS, even created FB pages on TS.

I understand the adulation and idolisation, after all, I was once her age too. There were … well I won’t go into MY list (it will really reflect my dinosaur days), other than saying I was in awe of American gymnast Mary Lou Retton, and a little later in life, Princess Diana.

So when Michelle first asked for a Taylor Swift CD, we got it for her. When TS appeared on a magazine cover, we allowed her to buy it. Reading, after all, is good. Only that she was interested in reading that ONE page specifically on TS. She confessed later she was more interested in the Wonderstruck perfume sample strip that was in the magazine.

When TS appeared on another magazine cover, hubby bought that while on transit in London as a surprise gift for daughter, only to be surprised that it was even cheaper back home.

Next when hubby went to New York, daughter asked for TS t-shirts. As her merchandises are not openly sold in stores, I went on TS official website but learnt that the items could not be sent on time before hubby leaves NY. Thankfully I found them on, ordered them and had them swiftly delivered to hubby’s hotel. And since she was so smitten (even stricken) with Wonderstruck, this idiot mom duly ordered it (at US$56), though why an 11-year old (at that time) needed perfume is beyond me. Idiot mom indeed, but for the love of their children, mothers have done far crazier things 🙂


Some of our purchases

On hubby’s subsequent trip to NY, we got more TS stuff, this time including gifts to give away too.

The moment Michelle learnt Papa was making another trip to NY, she made an early Christmas list six months ahead… all for herself. She had trouble deciding what NOT to buy. Given a choice, she wants EVERYTHING that has TS on it. By then, I got my senses back and slashed her list – almost the whole list – save a few items. Also this time it included orders from her cousin, Tasha, another huge TS fan.

Books & mags

Left: Seeing double? No, one set belongs to Tasha; Right: Part of my old Princess Di collection.

While I had my idols too, I don’t recall spending any money on them, except on Princess Diana, for books, magazines and postcards.

TS plays the guitar, so daughter wanted one too. In May (specifically on Mother’s Day 2012) we bought her a guitar, and within a month (specifically 14th June) she was on stage participating in her school talent show.


The Fearless Five (as I dubbed them) performing Taylor Swift’s “Fearless”.

Together with four of her schoolmates – she the sole guitarist – they performed a TS number, Fearless. Daughter was fearless indeed, for someone who does not have any formal guitar lessons and had only learnt the basics from her classmate during lunch breaks then, she was indeed brave to appear on stage before the whole school, and before Datuk Siti Nurhaliza who came as a guest judge of the talent show.


Left: Her love for TS led her to her first guitar; Right:… and a photo opportunity with Datuk Siti Nurhaliza; Michelle seen here holding her certificate of participation autographed by Siti.

TS appeared to have had a positive effect on daughter (so far, not to the point of obsession yet) so all the purchases I made were worth it.

Last month, Michelle received two gifts from her Ah Kor –  a cap and a notebook – two items she will never ever ever use. “Never” simply because they have “Taylor Swift” on them, so they are “too precious” to be used, and will be kept together with rest of her TS collections.