The Classy Glassy Club

Classy Glassy Club

Founding members of the Classy Glassy Club

TWENTY TWO YEARS ago on this date, a few college mates got together to celebrate Christmas and exchanged gifts of glasses and mugs. And the Classy Glassy Club was born, specifically in Room D317.

We were from different faculties (except three who did the same course) and different batches, but we had one thing in common – we lived in Block D. We also enjoyed each other’s company tremendously.

PHT_AZL-R: Not so classy after all when we turned into witches; “sneaking” into the guys’ block (okay, only because it was Pesta Hari Terbuka); but on most days, we were the demure D3 girls 🙂

CelebrateL-R: The gang celebrating new year’s eve in my room, toasting to a new year while Cindy’s player was playing New Kids On The Block’s “Happy Birthday”; celebrating our graduation two years on.

Alas, the club had since disbanded, or should I say, broken up 😦