Animal Farm

ON THIS DATE eleven years ago, we paid a visit to the animals at Zoo Melaka. We went with MK and his niece and nephew.

2001 Zoo Melaka Our first trip to Zoo Melaka in 2001.

We made a second trip there in August last year, this time with both the girls.

Zoo_1 L-R: At Zoo Melaka; Emily demonstrated her desire to ride on the pony; she wasn’t happy that she ended up on a tortoise, a stagnant one at that; but was happy again when Papa gave her a ride on his shoulders.  

Zoo_2 L-R: The girls were elated when they finally found the elephants after a long tiring walk and Emily gave the thumbs-up; Emily reacted when she witnessed one of the elephants pooped big time; Michelle reached out and patted a baby elephant; with giraffes in the background which she last saw 10 years ago. 

Speaking of animals, we took the girls to the PD Ostrich Showfarm in May this year and spent two hours of family time… well, with the animals there. The entrance fee was RM8 for adult and RM4 for child; a pack of horses’ feed was RM3. We chomped on ostrich burgers (RM8 each) and ostrich satay (RM10 for 6 sticks, hubby found ostrich meat much like beef but more chewy). We also tried ostrich omelette (RM12 a plate), which tasted like chicken eggs, except that one ostrich egg is equivalent to 15-20 chicken eggs, so we were told.

By chance, we met two of the three owners of the farm (one of them a former journalist), who were very hands-on with the running of the farm, and had an interesting chat with them.

Besides ostriches – the stars of the farm – there were other farm animals too, including rabbits, horses, goats, peacocks, birds, and even an iguana.

PD Ostrich Farm_1  L-R: At the entrance of the PD Ostrich Showfarm, and a picture of one of the stars of the farm.

PD Ostrich Farm_2L-R: Family photos; Michelle feeds a horse; a caged iguana.

PD Ostrich Farm_3 L-R: Michelle holds an ostrich egg; a close-up of the egg; part of that ended up on our table; ostrich satay and ostrich omelette…the ostrich burgers were gone before I managed to take any photo.

Emily was initially keen to go on a horse ride, but chickened out at the last minute!

Speaking of horse ride, Michelle had her first pony ride at Moscow’s BIS Fair (23 Jun 2006) and also enjoyed a horse-driven carriage ride with her classmates. The following year (11 May 2007) she had another pony ride with Carolin near the Kuskovo estate.

Pony rideL-R: Michelle’s first pony ride and carriage ride; her second pony ride near Kuskovo Estate; feeding the pony. 

KuskovoL-R: Waiting for her turn while Carolin rode first at a forest park near Kuskovo Estate; a zoomed-in view of Kuskovo Estate from the forest park.

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