Shanghai, 3-6 April 2008

Yuyuan Bazaar

Yuyuan Garden

Information engraved on a stone states: “Yuyuan Garden is a model of classical Chinese gardening architecture under the state preservation. It was built during the reign of Ming Emperor Jiajing (1559) as the private garden of Pan Yunduan, an administration commissioner of SichuanProvince. With an area of over two hectares, the Garden is famous for a number of architectural marvels, including the Big Rockery, the naturally-Hollowed-Jade Boulder, the Hall of an Emerald, Touch of Spring, the Ancient Opera Stage and the Inner Garden. Also well protected in the garden are precious cultural relics showing the best of China’s tradition of art.”   

Views from the apartment suite.

Views from our apartment suite.

River cruise along Shanghai River at night.

Night river cruise along Shanghai River.


Sports and Family Day of Missions in PRC, Shanghai, 5th April 2008.