Snow in April

APRIL 8th 2007 is one of my most memorable days during our three-year stay in Moscow. I remember it as “a day where grey has never been more beautiful as a colour”.

We know how depressing winter and early spring in Moscow can get when it’s plain cold, dull and grey. And it had been snowing quite a bit in the first week of April.

“Snow again! Woke up to bits of snow which later got heavy, appeared like a blizzard due to the wind. By 3plus in the afternoon, it cleared and sunshine shone through. The temperature between 2-5°C. Kathrin and Carolin dropped by for tea and pancakes; and later we went to their place for Easter egg painting and stayed for dinner. While at Kathrin’s place, it snowed huge beautiful snowflakes.” (Diary entry on Friday, 6th April)

“Interesting weather! Snow blizzard in the morning covering the roads and parks with snow… Hubby left for Baikonur.” (Diary entry on Saturday, 7th April)

“Late noon, heavy snow turned Moscow into a winter wonderland. Took a drive to Lenin Hill/Sparrow Hill.” (Diary entry on Sunday, 8th April)

I still look back at these photos taken on the 8th April, and vividly recall that lovely grey day.

Sparrow Hill_1

Scenic Sparrow Hill after a snowy day, past 4pm.

Sparrow Hill_2

A winter wonderland in Sparrow Hill.

Sparrow Hill_3

Tranquillity around Sparrow Hill.

Sparrow Hill_4

Felt like we were transported into a black and white world against this backdrop!


A path often taken near home.


Abundant of snow accumulated on tree branches.


The road home… on the right is our apartment building, and ahead is Donskoi Monastery.


Our apartment building.

Donskoi Monastry_1

The Donskoi Monastery looking majestic and magical against the grey background.

Donskoi Monastry_2

The Donskoi Monastery.

Donskoi Monastry_3

The Donskoi Monastery as seen from the 17th floor of M’s room.


Taken from the apartment balcony earlier at 3:15pm when it was still snowing.

Looking out from my balcony and seeing the Luzhniki Stadium afar.

Looking out from my balcony and seeing the Luzhniki Stadium afar.

View from my kitchen window… calm after the snow.




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