Snow in May!

IMAGINE THAT, IT snowed in May 2007 in Moscow!

We were well into the final month of spring when the weather sprung a little surprise with that brief snowfall! It snowed for just about an hour between 10-11am that day. The snow didn’t stick though, white flurries floated in the air but quickly melted away even before they touched the ground as the temperature was too warm.

While the morning flurries were a delightful surprise, another notable memory of this day was the camaraderie that I enjoyed with my neighbours living in the same building, far away from our home country. That morning I found myself in J’s kitchen and watched another neighbour R demonstrate how to bake a pandan cake. We stayed on till past noon to enjoy a few slices of the fluffy green cake… a rare treat indeed in the Russian capital! Later in the afternoon, another neighbour S rang and asked for calamine lotion as her youngest son had chicken pox. I took the lift down and delivered a bottle to her.

Two days later on 5th May, a few of us neighbours went on a trip to the crystal city of Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir, four hours journey from Moscow city. During the journey, there was a mix of drizzle and snow again!

If you take into consideration that the first snow in Moscow is typically at the end of October, and that it still snowed in May, indeed, Moscow’s winter lasts six months long!


Looking down at Ulitsa Stasovoy off Leninsky Prospekt.


Traffic smooth on Leninsky Prospekt despite the unexpected snow flurries.


Looking down into the grounds of a hospital located along Leninsky Prospekt.


Snow flurries made the Donskoy Monastery a burry vision.

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