Boston, Massachusetts, 1998

WE WERE IN Boston back in August 1998 (7th-9th August). Boston is the capital of the US state of Massachusetts, as well as the largest city of the US.

We went there to visit a friend, FF. On this trip we were reunited with another, RA, in what I always describe as a classic tale of FATE. (link)

At Boston University with FF who just completed her postgraduate studies; bumped into hubby’s and my mutual friend RA on the street in Boston!


We grew up watching the sitcom “Cheers”, so a visit is a must! The call card from Penang Restaurant in Boston where we enjoyed a meal with RA and FF.


We went to Harvard too, ermm, merely passing through 🙂 (Bottom, L-R) Harvard Hall; the statue of John Harvard.


(Top) The famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); (Bottom, L-R) Quincy Market houses many restaurants and shops, and is within walking distance to the waterfront of Boston Harbor, one of the oldest ports in the US; Beacon Hill got its name after the beacon which stood on Boston’s highest hill and is the nation’s oldest residential area.


Massachusetts State House (built 1795), located in Beacon Hill, is part of the Freedom Trail.


(Top) Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum takes visitors on an adventure in history; (Bottom, R) Boston is said to be THE place for seafood dining and we got a taste of that at Boston Sail Loft.


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