Merdeka Moments

MY MERDEKA DAYS in the past three years have been memorable ones.

On Merdeka 2013, we attended the wedding of a friend’s daughter held in UIA, Selangor. There were met up again with friends from our Moscow days. The last time we saw some of them was also during a wedding two years ago. (link)

Banquet Hall Cultural Activity Center, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia… (Top, L-R) Aini and Nora; with Azah, Fadziana and daughter Izzah; Azman and Saim; (Bottom, L-R) Roslan, Din and Azman; M with Balqis and Nisha; the three friends in Moscow in 2007.

On Merdeka 2012, I was at a farewell lunch for a dear friend Jess in Sunway. She has since migrated with her family to Melbourne, Australia. I almost didn’t make it had it not been for WWL who took the trouble and gave me a lift. A bunch of us old schoolmates got together to catch up. When I say “old schoolmates”, I really meant OLD. Some of us have known each other for more than three decades. After the lunch, we updated other good friends abroad via emails where we wrote about “low mong” and “low far” (a private joke amongst us). And due to my “low mong-ness” I have no photos to share here. But I trust those who were there will remember this day for years to come. It was Merdeka day, after all. I did request for a group photo from LWK who took some. I haven’t seen any, perhaps she too has been inflicted with “low mong-ness” or she had trouble touching up all of us (which is another private joke)!

On Merdeka 2011, we inadvertently had a private dinner with angkasawan Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, also a friend we made during our Moscow days (link). To cut a long story short, we were invited to his raya open house; we missed it because little Em took a VERY long nap that day. We apologised to him for not being able to make it, he replied and asked us to come anyway. We turned up at his home just before 7pm and thought we got the wrong home as it was too quiet to be an “open house”. His guests had all left by then, so we ended up having some private time with him and his wife, Datin Dr. Halina Mohd Yunos and we also got to see their then-month-old daughter Bella.

M helping herself to the raya cookies while little Em got a little help from Uncle Sheikh; the girls with the lovely couple.

M helping herself to the raya cookies while little Em got a little help from Uncle Sheikh; the girls with the lovely couple.


The girls each got an autograph with advice from Uncle Sheikh.


Two other kids also got the angkasawan’s autograph.


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