Mail from the White House!

ON THIS DATE in 1985, a letter came addressed to me. It was from the White House, Washington, USA!

It was a thank you card from President Ronald Reagan, in reply to a card I sent him when I was still a student. I’d read that he had undergone a colon cancer surgery in July that year and wrote to him wishing him a speedy recovery. I least expected a reply from the White House!

It didn’t matter that it wasn’t personally from the President. It showed that his WH staffs were at work attending to all the mails from around the world, and someone took the trouble to reply to a stranger who wrote from another continent.

Despite getting the spelling of capital Kuala Lumpur wrong, the mail nevertheless reached me. It’s one of those sentimental stuff I keep till this day.


The President is gone but my memory of him lives on in this card.


The envelope showing its 28 years in storage.

I did not expect to end up living in Washington DC 12 years later and even visited the White House in 1998. (link)

I also met former White House press secretary, Mr. Mike McCurry in 1999. (link)