Found You, SKK Scandal

LITTLE EM FOUND a new bedtime lullaby – Korean song “Found You”, an original soundtrack from the 2010 television drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal which is currently showing on NTV7. This is after months of listening to another Korean drama Winter Sonata’s “My Memory”.

Aired at noon right after she returns from kindy, SKKS is our lunchtime treat as we have our lunch while watching TV (I admit, b-a-d mom).

Just as she previously memorised the lyrics of “My Memory”, Little Em quickly picked up the lyrics of “Found You” too after listening to it repeatedly night after night as the three-member group JYJ lulls her to sleep. Despite getting most of the words wrong, it is still entertaining (and comical) to listen to a 5-year old non-native sing a Korean number!

Admittedly I find the song “Found You” catchy too, while another OST in particular, “For You It’s Separation, For Me It’s Waiting” is a beautiful ballad. Now both songs are not only stuck in my head but also at my fingertips as I managed to self-learn both songs on the piano, yay!

For the record, since my last pre-occupation with Winter Sonata (link) in May, I did manage to learn up not only “My Memory”, but two other OST including “From Beginning Till Now” and “Only You”.

OK, I SHOULD know that I have better things to do, like packing (it’s been 3 years since we are back and it will be time to move again soon…) instead of parking myself in front of the piano!

A few of my favourite piano pieces.

A few of my favourite piano pieces.


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