Home… finally?

AFTER STAYING IN a serviced apartment for three months, we finally moved into a home. Our first two weeks in the house were eventful ones indeed.

Saying goodbye to our “home” for the initial three months, on Saturday, 18 July 2014.

Saying goodbye to our “home” for the initial three months, on Saturday, 18 July 2014.


Happy to move into the home we saw way back in April, but our happiness was short-lived after moving in, when we discovered numerous defects over time. Prior to that, I had a meltdown over mattresses, something I will ponder and sleep on (pun intended) for a long time…

Putting the house in order… including washing and taking stock of the dinnerwares.

While cleaning the furniture, I uncovered “pieces of history” stuck in the drawers – a few sheets of homework dating back to 1999!

The same week, our worldly belongings arrived after 1.5 months braving the sea. (22 July 2014)


The girls are finally re-united with their toys.


Unpacking our “valuables”, I also discovered some broken stuff, sigh…


On that very day, we ran out of water… water tanker to the rescue at the cost of Gh280 (22 July 2014)


In the same week too, we discovered a leak in the air-condition piping, repairs began on 26 July, completed 12 days later and a mere three days before we had our first group of guests over for dinner. 


On Sunday 27 July, we ran out of electricity credits! We turned to our generator but not for long… the next day, it stopped working and we ran out of water too! Monday being a public holiday for Eid Mubarak, I guess the generator and taps took a break too! Not a single drop of water to wash up, we had to cancel a lunch invitation to a colleague’s home for raya celebrations. Another water tanker was called to the rescue at Gh250 (28 July 2014).

Such blessings! Raya goodies delivered to the home. (28 June 2014)

Such blessings! Raya goodies delivered to the home. (28 July 2014)

At the end of the second week, we had our internet line fixed, only to realise later that there is no coverage upstairs beyond certain rooms! Sigh again.

So that’s the story of the first two weeks of our move into the new home. And that’s not even going into how the Ghana cedis have depreciated tremendously in the four months we had been here, and how prices of things have risen and even doubled in a matter of weeks!

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