Celebrating PESS

SMKPP Centennial Gala Dinner is three days away. On 20 September, I imagine Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur will be flooded with pretty ladies in purple. Young and old, current and former pupils and teachers too, will dazzle in shades of purple, the school colour.

Three of my sisters will be among them, as will many of my former classmates, my juniors and seniors as well.

Across the continent in Accra, Ghana, I will join them in spirit as they toast and celebrate the historic milestone of a school that is now 100 years old.

I feel very privileged to have walked through the corridors of PESS/SMPP and spent the best five years of my school life. I have received and gained much from the school in those  years.

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Sports Day of 1982 and 1986.

Sports Day of 1982 and 1986.


Prefects’ Installation in 1983 (with Mrs. Dorothy Ee) and 1986 (with Puan Aisha Shamsuddin).


(L-R) Speech Day of 1983; Teachers’ Day on 19 May 1986 with Mrs. Jenny Vong; Library Week on 7 July 1986.


Minggu Kewarganegaraan in 1986 with Mrs. Rajendran and Dato’ Napsiah Omar.


Awards Day on 23 Sept 1986 with Toh Puan Bunny Suffian (wife of former Lord President Tun Mohamed Suffian); Speech Day on 8 Nov 1986 with Mr. John Skrine.

Little wonder I still keep so much of PESS in my life… literally pieces of mementos, badges, certificates, exercise books (!), medals, photos (lots of them), school magazines, report cards and even library cards (!!!), letters and cards from friends and teachers – for every little item tells my history in association with the school.

Call me a sentimentalist, or simply a fool 🙂 I may not live to be 100, but I hope these memories will.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating PESS

  1. Of course I do. Was just looking at the Std 1 and Std 2 photos that WK sent me. Recognise you and many many others too. How little we were then 🙂

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