Pages from PESS’s Past

SMKPP Centennial Gala Dinner is two days away.

It will be a blast from the past as old friends catch up for the first time in years this Saturday.

That night will be a timely tribute to the dedicated teachers – past and present – who have helped make PESS/SMPP what it is today.

Today, from afar, I pay tribute to my former teachers and headmistress who took the time to write such kind and encouraging words on these treasured pages from the past.  THANK YOU (in alphabetical order) Mrs. Bala, Mrs. Chooi (Physics), Ms. Dodampe (Music), Ms. Lee, (Library), Mrs. Maha (Maths), Mrs. Rajendran and Mrs. Yong (Biology).

Also THANKS to form teachers Ms. Hooi (Form 1A), Puan Rodziah (Form 2A), Mrs. Ngeu (Form 3A) and Mrs. Tiam (Form 4Sc1 and Form 5Sc1, also my Chemistry teacher); Mrs. Eng (English), Puan Hasnah (BM), Mrs. Teoh (Prefectorial Board), Mrs. Yap (PE), and many others who had taught and enriched me during my five years there.

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