Proud Of PESS

SMKPP Centennial Gala Dinner is just a day away.

PK in Australia, SQ in Hong Kong and IC in Singapore are all making their journey home (or already home) to join the rest of the girls in KL for the big birthday bash – 100 reasons to celebrate, 100 reasons to look forward to (yes, one of them is already savouring musang king on home soil).

While I am unable to join them, I will certainly be thinking of the gals as I reminisce our almost four-decades of friendships. I can be assured that they will be sharing lots of photos that will not just make me green with envy, but PURPLE with PLEASURE too!

In return, I dedicate this piece of artwork I did way back in 1984 (which I treasure all because the teacher had given a “Baik”) to my treasured lifelong friends of PESS.


Though I will be missing the 100 years bash, I feel blessed I was part of the 75 years Diamond Jubilee celebrations back in 1989.


Former head girls at SMPP’s Diamond Jubilee on 27th January 1989.

I wish SMKPP-SMPP-PESS continued success! Will always be proud to be a part of PESS.

Proud to bear the SMPP flag back in 1986, with ST and WY.

Proud to bear the SMPP flag back in 1986, with ST and WY.

5 thoughts on “Proud Of PESS

  1. Thanks BL for our many years of friendship. Felt your love especially when I lost my 3rd child. Your constant telephone calls lifted & conforted me.
    ❤️ Truly BFF ST

  2. Wish I could be back to be part of the centennial celebration too. Nevertheless I rejoice with all my PESS friends who can make it to the celebrated occasion & able to enjoy a wonderful reunion together.
    Can’t be there in person but will celebrate with them in spirit.
    PESS, the place where I’ve forged true friendship with my Royal “Purple” Schoolmates😊

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