Happy 100, PESS!

SMKPP Centennial Gala Dinner is tonight!

For weeks now, our WA group chat has been abuzz with excitement, with exchanges of the good old school days memories and fading old photos.

The BIG NIGHT is finally here, the girls are all geared up, dressed to the nines… reminds me of Cinderella going to the ball! Except there won’t be any Princes but all pretty belles in PURPLE… a ROYAL BALL indeed, an exciting evening in store for sure!

While I sit by the “fireplace” (in this case, in a far corner of West Africa) waiting for a Fairy Godmother, I shall drown my sorrows, errr, I mean take comfort in the collection of photos that we’ve taken over the years.

I will cherish those memories and celebrate our friendships, and send my friends huge Ebola-free hugs from Accra!

Congratulations PESS for turning 100!

All in the family... "Products of PESS" :-)

All in the family… “Products of PESS” 🙂

Even Little Em wants to be a part of it!

Even Little Em wants to be a part of it!

In the meantime, earlier today on the streets in Accra I see PURPLE everywhere!!!

(Top) A scene on my way home from the kids’ school this afternoon; (Bottom, L) Paid a visit to my curtain guy and his purple wall greeted me! (Bottom, R) Closer to home, a bank partly painted in purple… 19 Sept 2014, Accra.

Back at home… (L-R) Hubby’s flight itinerary in this purple folder; nothing but purple phone casing for me; Little Em’s favourite My Little Pony’s Rarity sporting purple mane. (19 Sept 2014)

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