PESS Dinner Photos

THE SMKPP Centennial Gala Dinner is finally over, but updates and photos of the night are still streaming in.

I was very wrong about the sea of purple, many were in conservative black or white, and other rainbow colours. But the ambience was purple from the initial photos the ladies shared! And the gals did party on wayyyy past midnight.

Many thanks to my friends especially Wei Yee and Foong Ming and all my sisters who kept me in the loop throughout the night.

Through their photos I felt I was there. Through their photos, I was able to share their excitement all the way in Accra, along with Jess in Australia and Sharon in Singapore who couldn’t make it to the dinner.

Through their photos, I was able to see faces I haven’t seen in ages – both schoolmates and teachers. Through their photos, I was able to re-connect with a Standard One classmate.

It was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime event (I certainly won’t live to see another centenary event!). Though I wasn’t there in person, I am happy to be able to share their photos of the event with the hope that this newly-created memories will remain with us in years to come.

One of the highlight of the evening was definitely getting a group photo with former classmates.

My Batch 1986 which occupied some 5 tables.

My Batch 1986 which occupied some 5 tables.

Batch 1984.

Batch 1981 (Science class), with a former beauty queen to boot.

Another stunning photo of Batch 1981 which formed the second largest class in attendance (7 tables), though some ladies had left by the time this photo was taken. These are half a century old beauties celebrating a century old event!

My “Tai Kar Che” with two of her friends of Batch 1980 which only occupied one table.

These grand ladies are almost as old as the school… the oldest is Constance (centre) being 95 going on 96.

The school produced three beauty queens including Maggie Loo of Maggie Loo Models and Beauties Academy who was Miss Malaysia 1973 and Rosalind Kong who was Miss Malaysia World 1985.

According to my sisters who shared a lift with Maggie, someone asked Maggie which year she was from, to which she replied 1970. The lady gave Maggie a surprised look, saying she was born that year and that Maggie certainly didn’t look her age!

Former beauty queens Rosalind Kong (L) and Maggie Loo (R).

Former teachers were the toast of the evening too.

Seated (R-L) Mrs. Maha, Mrs. Ganesh, xxx, Mrs. Karena Yap; Standing (R-L) Ms. Loh, Ms. Lee Poh Yeok.

My sisters caught up with some of them, including Mrs. Maha, Mrs. Ganesh (who is 74) and Mrs. Irene Teoh.

Sisters flanked by friends.

Sisters flanked by friends.

Many were probably too busy smiling for the cameras to eat, so this is a reminder of the menu and food.



More things purple.

My next post will be a special tribute to my Batch 1986.

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