About Bee

I am a mom of two who yearn for more, unfortunately age is no longer on my side. Adamant, I went ahead and produced a third child – this blog.

A “baby” in every sense of the word, this blog was conceived out of love, delivered with much pain and joy, and will be nurtured with tender-loving care all the way.

I’ve dabbled in writing, publishing and journalism, after graduating locally. Upon completing an MA in Communication in the UK, I was offered a proposal for an “MRS”. I accepted and 15 years down the road (part of these years were spent in Washington DC, Moscow and Hong Kong),  I am still “working” on it, with the earnest hope this is one “job” that will really stick.

If success is measured by the size of one’s bank account(s), or the size of one’s house(s), or the type of car(s) one drives, or the fancy designation on one’s business card, then I am certainly a failure by all accounts.

While I seem destined not to be rich, famous or successful, I am grateful to be blessed with a large supportive family – both parents and six siblings; a hubby and two girls who make it all worthwhile to be “just a wife and mom”, or so I REALLY want to believe; and friends – all of which inspire me to write.

So this blog is about me as much as it is about them.

Sincerelybee, 1 October 2012

2 thoughts on “About Bee

  1. Hi Bee …. it has been a long time, to be precise 20 years. I recall meeting you at Leeds, a year or two after the drive from Legazpi City to Manila.

    How are you? And are you in KL? Read with great interest about your blog. Cheers, Leslie

  2. Dear Bee, Im Pn Teh Swee Kee, present senior assistant of SMK(P)Pudu, just to inform that the Malayan Christian Schools Council (MCSC) is writing its 60th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine. If you know of any reputable alumni, or perhaps yourself, from PESS, pls do invite them to write a short testimony on the value of mission school. We would like to include these testimonies in our magazine as well. Or if some of your alumni has written something for your school magazine, pls ask them if they would like to publish it in the MCSC 60th Anniversary magazine. Thanks.

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