Sharing Memories

What good are memories if they are not shared?

The many Sundays spent with my parents lately and the painstaking attempts to recapture stories of their youth set me on this journey to capture my own past to pass down to my kids.

I have been a “Dear Diary” person all my life (way before the digital days), diligently writing about people and events, in my life and those around me.

Documenting this journey here has been a painstaking task. It has been made difficult by the fact that my childhood memories are fast fading with time and age, while bits and pieces of memorabilia (that help to piece together those fading memories) are permanently stored in boxes, big and small, stacked up to the ceiling, as I move a lot.

It has also been a tearful one, as looking back brings both tears of joy and sorrow.

Despite all the sweat and tears, at the end of the day, it has certainly been a worthwhile effort, knowing that I am leaving behind a little humble legacy to share with my family and friends, as well as stories of their own past to reminisce over.

Life is short. I may not be around tomorrow, but hopefully the memories will live on.

Sincerelybee, 1 October 2012

(P.S. My Dad passed away almost three years later on 14 July 2015. I have since started another blog to remember him by.)


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